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Lakeside Software has announced its latest technology advances designed to improve proactive IT management and the visibility of IT health . A leader in digital employee experience ( DEX ), Lakeside developed innovative proactive alerts that identify and prevent issues before they escalate to improve the overall employee experience . The company also released a completely redesigned Executive Insights dashboard to enable rapid visibility into the top issues affecting productivity and the business ’ bottom line . the advanced SysTrack Sensor platform to enable organisations to predict , alert on and prevent technology issues – such as network , web application or desktop application issues – from becoming widespread business disruptions .

“ Far too often , IT is forced to be an emergency care unit for issue resolution ,” said David Keil , CEO of Lakeside .
“ Demands to close more tickets each day across increasingly distributed workplaces has left the global support system in a constant state of reaction and fire drills . Lakeside breaks this cycle with proactive alerts – transforming industry-leading endpoint and experience data into real-time notifications .”
Lakeside offers one of the most comprehensive data sets , collected from a broad range of endpoints and leverages


Dr . Consulta , a Brazilian health platform offering medical consultations , exams and services , has implemented Salesforce ' s CRM solution to raise the standard of customer service and offer faster response to health demands .

The project was carried out by Globant , a digital native company focused on reinventing businesses through technological solutions . In December 2021 , the platform – which already had over 4.5 million registered users – joined the cuidar . me start-up and began offering hospital plans to serve its recurring customer base .
With two sales teams working together , Dr . Consulta needed a single system to manage all customers seeking the product through both companies ' channels .
To date , over 16,000 subscribers have already acquired the health plans created through the partnership .
Douglas Viana , Solution Architect , Dr . Consulta , said : " We did not have a unified customer management system and , combined with the lack of integration with the cuidar . me platform , we realised that we needed to create a connected experience between the groups . There was a lack of consolidated view of prospects and opportunities , which occur through different channels and difficulty linking sales efforts to conversion .” �
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