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Hello and welcome to the fifth edition of Intelligent Health . tech . I hope you had a restful month and enjoy this latest issue .

For our cover story , we feature Raman Bhatnagar , Vice President and General Manager at Aspen Technology .
Aspen Technology ( AspenTech ) is a global leader in asset optimisation software , helping companies better utilise their operation . For years , the company has served various industries – such as oil and gas , enabling innovation for its clients . Recently , though , the enterprise decided to establish itself in the pharmaceutical space , once it noticed the interest that had been generated within this sector .
To better understand pharma , AspenTech asked 400 industry professionals across the US and Europe about the future of Digital Transformation and manufacturing . The report found that data silos were derailing the efficiency of cross-functional collaboration in organisations . The report also sought to discover the future of pharma and what direction it was heading regarding Digital Transformation .
Netcall and AspenTech share their thoughts and offer advice to businesses that might be struggling with the adoption of technology .
Part of successfully adapting to new technology is the education of your staff , making sure they ’ re not just left in the dark after an implementation . Lauren Wakeling , UK Country Manager at CoursesOnline , talks to us about this and how health professionals can identify the best training root for them . She outlines them on page 32 .
Our Industry Investigation brings nursing to the forefront this month , with Luciane Ragni , Industry Solutions Manager Healthcare at Scandit , highlighting the current state of nursing in the UK and the hardship staff are under . She also tells us how technology can help alleviate some of the pressures that professionals are facing .
These pressures are being experienced all across the globe , with many healthcare systems near collapse . However , support is being given to keep them afloat . One example is how the UK ’ s Fleming Fund is helping Zimbabwe fight antimicrobial resistance ( AMR ). The Fund is helping the country to use data to invest in AMR surveillance and improve facilities for the public . We find out more on page 44 .
We also have a range of ‘ intelligent ’ pages , which feature the latest in Artificial Intelligence , cloud , wearable technology , robotics , security and Virtual Reality .
I hope you enjoy this issue and if you would like to contribute to any future editions then please do not hesitate to contact me .
Catherine Darwen , Editor
Bhatnagar tells us more on page 48 .
On page 25 , our Editor ’ s Question explores how important digital innovation is to alleviating pressure within healthcare . Two experts from


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