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USFDA GRANTS BREAKTHROUGH DESIGNATION FOR BLOOD TEST TO HELP DIAGNOSE INACCESSIBLE BRAIN TUMOURS doctors have to rely on complex surgical procedures to obtain tumour tissue for histopathological evaluation . The TriNetra-Glio liquid biopsy is intended to detect the cells released in the blood from the brain tumour ; these cells are extremely rare and hard to detect .

Datar Cancer Genetics ( DCG ) has announced that the US Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) has granted Breakthrough Device Designation for its ' TriNetra-Glio ', a blood test to help in the diagnosis of brain tumours .

This is the third test from DCG to have received the Breakthrough Device Designation from the USFDA . The company ' s early-stage breast and prostate cancer detection tests became the first liquid biopsies to receive the Breakthrough Device Designation .
Worldwide , brain cancer is the 12th most lethal cancer , and each year more than 250,000 adults die due to the disease . Diagnosis of brain tumours is resource-intensive , risk-prone and brain biopsies are impossible to perform in almost 40 % of advanced cases .
Presently , no blood test is available for diagnosing brain cancers and
A prospective , blinded study by a research team at the Imperial College , London , showed the test to be highly accurate . The test requires 15 ml blood and is indicated for patients where a brain biopsy , although necessary , cannot be performed or has been unsuccessful .


Rockdoc ' s Cold and Flu Rescue Kit is the first integrated solution on the Canadian market that allows users to screen for common respiratory

illnesses – Strep A , Influenza A and B and COVID-19 – from anywhere and get immediate results and comprehensive care via telehealth .
Here ' s how it works :
• People can receive everything they need to their homes in a convenient package either via overnight shipping across the country or from DoorDash in under two hours in select areas of Metro Vancouver , Calgary , Edmonton , Winnipeg , Eastern Ontario and Halifax .
• As part of the kit , Canadians will be able to connect virtually with a healthcare practitioner to guide them through every step , from sample collection and testing , results interpretation , to how to manage their illness , manage risk and get back to health .
• Patients can choose to book a same-day follow-up appointment with a licensed doctor to discuss their results and symptoms , and if indicated , get prescriptions like Tamiflu or antibiotics sent directly to their pharmacy .
• Patients can also choose to have their test results forwarded to their family doctor to assure continuity of care .
" This new product is an innovative , comprehensive solution that lets individuals take charge of their health , especially for those six million Canadians without a family doctor ,” said Dr Samuel Gutman , Rockdoc ' s President and CEO .
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