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BUTTERFLY AIR ’ S MONITORING SETS TO CREATE HEALTHIER INDOOR ENVIRONMENTS a patented IAQ monitoring system including a suite of beautifully designed hardware with integrated software that has been developed at Imperial College London over the past four years to responsibly address this issue .

Indoor Air Quality ( IAQ ) is a global concern for health , wellbeing and productivity as people spend 90 % of their time indoors . Where IAQ can be up to seven times worse than outdoor air quality , poor air quality in indoor spaces can lead to pathogen transmission , high CO 2 levels that worsen cognitive function and can cause respiratory issues . Butterfly is

The Butterfly system offers dual functionality : monitoring and management . Particulate Matter ( PM ) is one of the biggest areas of focus for the next generation of building management . Butterfly can control the way a building ‘ breathes ’ offering both Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality measurement on a location specific basis to provide 20 / 20 vision – an industry first – with sensors measuring different levels of PM including PM1 , PM2.5 and PM10 . Butterfly can therefore help to reduce PM for current occupants plus minimise energy consumption with impactful benefits on sustainability – itself therefore contributing to lower emissions and a fully circular outcome .


Medical crowdfunding campaigns have the power to change social attitudes , but only for conservatives , according to new research from the University of Sussex Business School .

Researchers , Dr Krystallia Moysidou and Dr Smadar Cohen-Chen , have been investigating how crowdfunding platforms can shape public views and potentially alter political attitudes and perceptions of individual social responsibility . Americans are increasingly turning to crowdfunding platforms to bankroll their health-related costs . However , although medical crowdfunding has rapidly become institutionalised as part of the US healthcare financing landscape , empirical evidence on how Americans perceive its role in healthcare and the impact it might have on public attitudes is scarce .
The researchers , analysed data from one correlational and one experimental study , discovering that political orientation is associated with Americans ’ views on medical crowdfunding .
Dr Moysidou said : “ Specifically , we find that those who self-identified as conservative perceived medical crowdfunding as a valid part of the system , and more positively than a universal healthcare system . In contrast , medical crowdfunding is perceived less positively , as hindering a system of universal and affordable healthcare by those more liberally-oriented .”
Dr Cohen-Chen added : “ Considering that conservatively-oriented individuals are the ones who have traditionally been opposed to a healthcare reform in the US , our results make a valuable contribution towards facilitating an open dialogue on reforming healthcare in the US ”.
Their results are the first to empirically prove that these campaigns have the power to induce social attitudes that are conducive to change .
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