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R E G I O N A L C H E C K - U P



The latest figures from the World Health Organization ( WHO ) state that the African region accounts for 95 % of global malaria cases and 96 % of deaths . Sandra Incardona , Head of the Technical Unit , and Julie Niemczura , Deputy Director at MCD Global Health explore how Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) is aiding in the fight against malaria in Africa . a

AI in healthcare
Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) is increasingly applied in many domains , whether business , research or communication and is already changing the way we live our lives .
As a result , investors and governments are increasingly recognising the potential of AI to transform healthcare delivery , from improving patient outcomes and personalising treatment plans to increasing access to healthcare services and even extending life .
These discussions are happening at a time when the fight against malaria is facing a critical juncture . Progress against malaria had stalled even before the COVID-19 pandemic , with the World Health Organisation reporting that malaria cases increased for the second consecutive year to 247 million in 2021 .
Several biological threats have also emerged – including growing resistance to lifesaving malaria control tools and an increase in extreme weather events due to climate change – putting existing and future progress
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